School of Leadership & Excellence (SOLE) A Project by Altaf Mahmood foundation:

School of Leadership & Excellence by Altaf Mahmood Foundation was founded by Mr. Altaf Mahmood in February 2014 to provide comprehensive aid and care to unprivileged kids of the society. Such care and aid include education, food, shelter, clothing, medical care, personal supplies and later on job placement assistance.

Creation of this institution was aimed at those students who have been filtered out from the rest due to their extraordinary mental and intellectual skills and for whom we can provide them with boarding and lodging. At School of Leadership & Excellence, we are working side-by-side with experts to explore various fields for these children to learn new skills, and build a foundation for their future. Our focus is on low-income communities which are in need of additional support and resources because every child is special for us.

Our program supports academic achievement in core subjects like English, Arts, Computer Science, and Mathematics. These subjects are taught by subject specialist who are qualified in their respective field from most renowned universities of country. Keeping in view the importance of learning Arabic Language (Language of Holy Quran), we are blessed to have an experienced instructor to equip our students with Arabic Language.  Extra-Curricular activities is also proving to be a vital part of our teaching methodology.

School of Leadership & Excellence (SOLE) has established a most advanced Computer Lab which helps our students to engage in various activities to learn, like real-time communication skills, grasping knowledge, conducting research on various topics and will ultimately expand their learning and increasing their analytical skills.

No institute is completed without a Library, keeping in mind this fact a very spacious Library has been constructed for our students. It helps our students to learn new literature, Ideas, thoughts, intake and make them aware of geography and history of various countries.

Since inception of SOLE, the number of student are on the rise, which gives us more opportunities to build the nation by training this talented generation.

Salient Features of SOLE:

  • Character Building:

    In recent years, character building has been asserted in education from very basic stage to higher education and beyond. SOLE is producing students with good moral values like ‘skills for life’ and ‘soft skills’. At SOLE we are successfully educating the pupils in ‘character’ as well as supporting them to achieve good grades. SOLE is facilitating national curriculum and character building exercises which are considered as a difficult juggling act. Our education system is based on six pillars of characters which are respect, trustworthiness, fairness, responsibility, caring and citizenship which will cover main character criteria and make students “well-rounded’.  We always take into account all important factors obligatory for the upbringing of our new generation.

  • We don’t achieve comfort from past grades achieved by students but always look for character traits like resilience and confidence.  These traits enable us to recognize that occasional failure do not mark the end.  Through our education, our students develop resilience which helps them to deal with rejection and various unforeseen obstacles instead of wasting their time worrying about minor failures.
  • Teaching Islamic Values:

    Islamic Values are never overlooked in our teaching methodology. SOLE has a strong focus to teach the Holy Quran to our students to make sure that they can learn and understand the true meaning of Islam. By learning and building their fundaments based on the Holy Quran, kids will transform into decent and ethical people when grown up. One of the drawbacks found in the modern school that some of them neglecting teaching Arabic Language, while SOLE has a special focus on teaching the Arabic Language by a subject specialist. Through our teaching, kids are getting exposed to Islamic Knowledge and learn about religion and its values.

  • Computer Education:

    Computer Sciences is a vital field of study offering limitless opportunities to students for technological and academic growth. Since the first use of the internet, the advancement of new computing technologies is on the rise. Imagining life without computers is almost impossible. Computer technologies continue to accelerate and making fundamental changes in the way we work and live. SOLE has special computer classes in its school to provide most updated and modern information technology lectures to our students with a view to enhance their analytical skills in latest technology.

  • Modern Science Subjects:

    Science refines our understanding and knowledge of the world, enable us to create the latest technology and innovation and bring positive change in society. Learning Science at childhood education is essential, as science provides answer to multiple questions asked by children and it actually complements the kids’ natural curiosity. SOLE has specialized teachers in Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry to open new gates of knowledge to our students. A special science lab has been established at SOLE to give kids a chance to conduct experiments for learning and achieving new goals.

  • Arabic Calligraphy Classes:

    Arabic Calligraphy means an Islamic context which appears in various scripts and forms. As time passed this art become more attractive and decorative. Most commonly scripts are naski, thuluth and nastaliq. A vast variety of cursive scripts are available in textbooks and on inscriptions of renowned religious architecture. SOLE has honour to have a well-experienced calligraphy teacher who teaches calligraphy from very basics to the most advanced stage by making student excel in their writing skills.

  • Sports / Extra-Curricular Activities:

    A hush lifestyle for kids has undesirable effects on our children and gets worse as they grow. Sports activities help to prevent such outcomes. Sports activities have social and health benefits for kids. About 88% of children participating in sports find improvement in their physical health and 73% have enhanced mental health. Based on this principle, SOLE has arranged a special sports teacher to guide our students to play various sports like cricket, football, hockey etc. Moreover, we arrange our Sports Gala on a regular basis to acknowledge the efforts of children and motivate them to move forward.

  • Hostel Facility:

    A special hostel facility is being provided to the children, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner services are provided at SOLE. Our hostel life trains the children to live a socialized and disciplined life. They are given a time table to perform every task, from waking up to sleep at night they are constantly in improvement training atmosphere. A well nutrient organic food is being provided to the students avoiding unhygienic provisions. Organic food is fresh food which is produced through organic farming methods. Organic food is more hygienic, as no harmful synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are used during their productions. A special focus on the nutritional deficiencies of children are also carried out and our nutrients carry out a special diet plan for such students. They are also trained to refrain from certain harmful eatable and only look for healthy food to grow healthy.

  • Physical, emotional and social development of children has an excellent effect on their overall growth and will make them an abundant citizen of this nation. It is vital to understand the need to invest in young children, which is crucial to capitalize on their future well-being. To reach this goal we need your emotional and financial support, as Denis Waitley said:

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence