Altaf Mahmood

(Founder & President)

President Message

The collective betterment of society hinges upon well-permeated sense of ownership and well-deliberated strategies on the part of both government and public to mainstream secluded segments of society, integrate financially the suppressed societal elements, provide equitable opportunities for hapless and less-fortunate members of community, and eradicate the scourges of poverty, illiteracy, religious discrimination that are creating hurdles in development and prosperity of nation.In view of this national obligation, we have established a foundation in order to extend our hand for those who are neglected and lagging behind in the race of life owing to resource-constraints. After thorough discussion and deliberation, we have designed the modus operandi to translate our vision into practical and scalable action plan that, we believe, would have easily discernable impacts on society.Every institute requires human and material resources. The same is the case with our foundation. In this regard, I would urge everyone to volunteer his services either in the form of expertise, human resources or financial support for this greater cause and come up with recommendations and suggestions to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of this foundation.