Since 2014, with the help of your cooperation, we are breaking down the barriers which stops our children getting the best start in life and we have applied well-planned and well-delineated schedule to materialize the vision and mission of Altaf Mahmood Foundation.

As a Spanish writer Pablo Picasso said:

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

We believe that a goal without plan is just a wish and have outlined some future projects. Some glimpse of our forthcoming plans and road map are as under: –

Short-term Plan:

We are going to announce institute having capacity of 100 students. In this regard, we will select 10-year old extraordinary and talented children, it is not necessary that they must be school-going students. Selection of these children would be made through transparent manner involving IQ test. Selected students would be provided with high-quality accommodation and academic facilities. Depending upon whether the selected students have previously been provided schooling or not, we will divide them into four or five sections and impart education from first standard to fifth standard, later on, they will be helped in completing their O- and A-level education.

We have planned to induct 100 students every year and our school would provide education from fifth standard to O-level in addition to provision of residential facilities.

Long-term plan:

Though we have hammered out different future plans, a few of them need thorough discussion:

  • First we will select extraordinary talented but orphan and deprived children and provide them quality education and training to make them exemplary citizen of the state.
  • We intend to established knowledge city on the pattern of Ali Garh or Cambridge where the sustained and productive interaction between knowledge-seeking students and talented, sincere and well-equipped teachers can be established for the greater benefit of the community. We aspire to convert this knowledge city into magnet where people from abroad can be attracted and the city become the hub of academic activities. The beneficiaries of this city would be encouraged to expand our concept and establish such cities in their home towns as well.
  • Countries having advanced experience and expertise in education and technology like Japan, South Korea or Germany would be requested to shift the sub-campuses of their universities in Pakistan. Sustained communication would be maintained with the top universities for exchange in resources and expertise for making our institute responsive towards the contemporary needs.
  • We will request developed countries to run the campuses of their universities in Pakistan with management consisting of their own citizens. Gradually, the locals would be included in the management in order to prepare local manpower for running highly-professional institutes.
  • We intend to establish separate religious institute that will teach the same course as our educational institutes will have (educational institutes associated with Altaf Mahmood Foundation). The underlying objective of founding separate institute is imparting of specialization in religious sciences if students desire so, otherwise after completion of A-level, students studying in the said institute would be able to change their field after completion of A-level.
  • The graduates of this religious institute would be provided opportunities to pursue their Mphil and PhD degrees and By God Willing, they will be trained to get scholarship for PhD from foreign universities.
  • We aspire to carry out our mission to the extent that faculty of world’s top class universities would consist of our graduates and they would be encouraged to start MPhil and PhD programs in Pakistan as well when their expertise become highly refined and developed as per the requirement of modern era.