Education is mandatory for the development and progress of any society, individuals and nation. The individuals who are living in the environment of poverty often come across various obstacles for the acquisition of education and to develop their literacy skills. Generally, poverty is considered to be unfavorable, when it comes to provide quality education to children.

A vast majority of children of Pakistan are deprived off from getting the education which is a fundamental right of every kid. Poverty proved to be the main cause for their illiteracy. Education provides skills to every child which would further help them to support themselves in the future.

About 77 million children from all over the world have no educational facility. Altaf Mahmood Foundation is ensuring that every poor child should have an equal opportunity to learn.  Altaf Mahmood Foundation has proved that an educated child will have outstanding chances to earn and keep his life healthy.

Islam has given the right to education to every human being.  It has been observed that in numerous countries, children,  especially  girls are denied to have this basic right. Astonishingly it is revealed that about 77 million children are not attending school in the world and two-thirds of them are girls.

Altaf Mahmood Foundation is addressing these issues by overcoming theses barrier and providing quality free education in their schools. Our schools have designed special curricula for needy and orphan students to develop them mentally and physically.

Altaf Mahmood Foundation has a bunch of quality teachers who are qualified in their respective fields and spreading the light of knowledge to needy / orphan students through dedication and hard work. Teachers at Altaf Mahmood Foundation Schools are hired after a thorough evaluation of their teaching capabilities.

There is still a long way to go to educate poor kids in society. Your donations play an important role to keep this noble cause alive. Please join hands with Altaf Mahmood Foundation by giving donations so that poor children of Pakistan have equal opportunity to learn and live a happy life.