Altaf Mahmoud Foundation is dedicated for the furthering of education. It aims to create awe inspiring yet God fearing individuals who are par excellence in their respective fields of work. Altaf Mahmoud Foundation mission is to provide “Big People” to the society, having leadership and entrepreneurs qualities, at the same time having big hearts and big minds. It provides great opportunities for the education and upbringing of well deserving students. An American university named “John Hopkins” does the same for and has named it “Center for Talented Youth” and CTY in acronymic form. Some children are born and gifted with extra ordinary Talent (we would name them EOT children). One easily gets to know their immense talent by just meeting them. We obviously can’t provide all the children of our nation the educational platforms that they obviously deserve as it would require too much capital and such projects have to be taken and funded by governments but we will try out best to ensure that the talent of these extra ordinary children do not get wasted (Insha’Allah) When speaking of quality education we obviously take into account all factors that are crucial in the development of a child’s personality for example

  • Extraordinary academic results
  • Participation in extracurricular activities
  • Engages in healthy sports and physical activities
  • To make him/her an exemplary human being

Altaf Mahmood Foundation

Today our world needs such people who excel in their respective fields while maintaining these principles of quality. Altaf Mahmoud Foundation aims at those students who have been filtered out from the rest due to their extraordinary mental and intellectual skills and for whom we can provide them with boarding and lodging. We provide them proficient teachers in an environment that inculcates in them the skills required for them to dream big in life and to have the will to follow their dreams.